Medical Weight Loss

Obesity is a health problem, so it makes sense to address it with the help of a medical plan rather than a fad diet or the latest exercise trends. When you need to lose weight for your health, getting support from a medical weight loss center like Hillcrest Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation can help you see dramatic results on the scale as well as huge improvements to your overall health.

Identifying the Root Cause of Obesity

Obesity is a growing concern in the United States, and the reasons for this are complex. First, many Americans consume high-sugar, low-nutrition diets that create a chronic sense of hunger along with intense, persistent cravings. Due to this, they find themselves constantly overeating and creating an endless surplus of unused calories, which contributes to excess fat gain. This type of diet also leads to hormonal imbalances that further propel weight gain and make it more difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

Making Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Because obesity is a complex concern, it should not be met with quick fixes. Though you may have a desire to lose a lot of weight quickly, it’s important to recognize the value of lasting lifestyle changes aimed at keeping you healthy and fit. This will create much more sustainable results rather than the yo-yo effect that is common with many diet programs. You shouldn’t expect to simply diet until you reach your target weight, and then go back to your old habits. With the Hillcrest Medical Weight Loss Program, we’ll help you create an ongoing plan to sustain your results and cater to your health needs.

Utilizing Our Weight Loss Program

Our program includes several elements that help foster success in our clients and create a lasting impact on their weight. Here’s a closer look at what to expect with the Hillcrest Medical Weight Loss Program:

  • Metabolic meal plan – Not only will we guide you toward the right foods, but we will help you learn which foods will offer your body the nutrition you need when you need it. This will let you plan meals more effectively to feel consistently full and satisfied. Foods selected for our meal plan are low on the glycemic index and have anti-inflammatory properties to help cleanse and support the body.
  • Supplements – Sometimes, the body will have cravings as well as a loss of energy on a new diet plan, so you may benefit from the support of supplements, such as phentermine, B12, and a multivitamin.  Phentermine is used together with diet and exercise to treat obesity (overweight) in people with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.
  • Prescription Appetite Suppressant (for those who qualify) – In some cases, an appetite suppressant may be prescribed to assist with your weight loss program.
  • Testing – Your plan will be fine-tuned to your needs following genetic testing and body composition analysis. Both can provide insight to help guide your diet and exercise decisions so that you see optimal weight loss results from the start of the program.
  • Exercise – Exercise is a vital part of weight loss, and we recommend that you get about 30 minutes of activity three to four days per week to start. You should eventually reach about 1 hour of activity five to six days per week. With the Genovive Genetic Test, we can help you determine what types of exercise will be most effective for your body type.
  • Support – Even with the right planning and consistent results, it’s hard to stay on track with weight loss without the right support. Our team will be there to help you throughout your weight loss journey and beyond, so you can live the healthy life you deserve!

To get started on your weight loss journey with the help of Hillcrest Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, call (931) 906-9679. At our medical weight loss center in Clarksville, you’ll find the resources and support you need to achieve healthy, long-lasting weight loss.

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