Regenerative Medicine in Clarksville, TN

If you suffer from chronic pain, you have probably tried many different medications and treatments, only to find that the pain returns later on, sometimes with even more severity. This is a common complaint of chronic pain sufferers, because many pain treatments do not target the source of the pain, but simply block the nerve signals that send pain messages to the brain. Fortunately, there is an alternative treatment option in regenerative medicine, which utilizes the body’s own healing mechanisms to repair damage that’s causing pain, rather than just masking the pain symptoms. Hillcrest Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation PC can introduce you to the benefits of regenerative medicine, allowing you to tap into the rejuvenating effects of this modern, safe treatment option.

How does the body heal itself?

To understand how regenerative medicine works, it’s important to recognize the natural ability of the body to heal itself. Cells in the body are constantly being broken down and regenerated. Following an injury, the body will slowly repair damaged and degenerated tissues to restore the function of the injured area. Certain tissues, such as cartilage in the knee, do not self-repair as effectively as muscle tissues, so the effects of pain and inflammation may linger. Regenerative medicine directs more energy and resources toward injured areas of the body to more effectively rebuild damaged structures and reduce the pain they cause.

What are the methods used in regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine offers a number of advantages over pain medication and surgery, because it does not carry the harmful side effects of narcotic pain relief drugs and it is not invasive like surgery. This can be particularly helpful in treating knee pain, since surgery of the knee may sideline you for weeks and require follow-up surgeries later on. The following treatments are the regenerative treatments primarily used at Hillcrest Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation PC, and they may be administered together or independently, depending on your specific cause of pain and unique biomechanics.

  • Stem Cell Therapy – Regenerative stem cell therapy uses stem cells from donated placental tissue following C-section births. These cells can supplement damaged cells, allowing the body to repair more effectively and undergo rehabilitation more successfully. This treatment is often successful in patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee and other knee injuries.

  • Plasma Accelerate GF – Accelerate GF may boost the potential success of stem cell therapy, but it can also provide the body with more of the building blocks it needs to self-repair without stem cell injections. This patented blend of growth factors, platelet-rich plasma, and certain proteins can replenish damaged cells and encourage more complete healing.

Which conditions can regenerative medicine help manage?

There is a long list of conditions that can benefit from regenerative medicine, including osteoarthritis of the knee, back pain, arthritis, shoulder and elbow injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip degeneration, ACL injuries, foot pain, neuropathy, and chronic non-healing wounds. To learn if regenerative medicine is the answer for your chronic pain, contact our offices for a complimentary consultation.

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